Relax with BlackLinen3.0

Situation: Based on a True Story.

Mood: Feeling Free and Gliding.

Inspiration: Relax from Blacklinen3.0 Project.

Writing Status: Post written in first person because it was personal.

Location: #QCBC, Charlotte, NC.

Sometimes, artists have nothing to prove to me. Several of the musical or artistic man dem and gal dem hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and honestly I’m not sure what to do. Unfortunately, I tend to ignore or delay because nothing needs to be forced. My spirit leads me to my next post unapologetically, so welcome to this particular one which I’m compelled to scribe on 4/20/2018.

With artists, I typically advise a first and last meeting so I can look into the artist’s soul. The internet is rife and full to the brim of people’s lost souls, so it’s equally important to find a pure one to write about.Remember, I don’t like looking at cameras because my eyes are the gateway to my soul.

Why should I reveal my soul and expose myself to strangers?Anyway, being from Zimbabwe, Africa, typically we are distrustful of foreign travelers or normads from distant tribes or homesteads. We would rather be distant from the lens or voice recorders that might pass untrue statements to our foes – spiritual and physical. In any case, many fold to the noise of society without realizing one should only respond only to signals. Blacklinen was not barking noise as many do but provided a shattering, poignant, reflective and reverberating energy – so I responded.

I was in a car ride to see the man dem when an Instagram connection spiritually converted itself into the physical.After a quick phone call, a humble, dark-skinned, dreadhead brother popularly known as Blakcklinen emerged. On our way to the studio, a chill Charlotte rap song called Relax commenced play.

Riding through the Queen City boulevards to pass by a local studio, it’s sad we have to drive past countless homeless people. We won’t go into the reasons for them being homeless and why they are in their situation. It just makes me sad. Homelessness and mental health challenges should be everyone’s problem.

In our tribe, we don’t leave people on the side of the street. We offer a helping hand because anyone can get a pink slip. Anyone can be marginalized or separated from comfort.

Nonetheless, back to the song.

I had no idea what the track was about, but I decided to listen as carefully, deliberately and as intently as I could. Here are some noble excerpts extracted after a dozen plays during my day at the lab today:

Just Relax, Just relax,

Just Relax, Just Relax, Just Relax!

It’s a good day in the neighborhood,

I’m here in the crib burning Sandalwood,

Feeling good like I knew I would….


Played this track and got right to it………

……..I’m trying to live like every day,

Because everyday is a special occasion……..


…….Don’t go too long,

Face the storm,

Be patient, you gotta hold on.

…………We off the roof, sitting in the canopy,

I wish you could see how brothers see.

I wish you could feel how a brother feel,

When the sun really ain’t really down on me……..

🔄 ft. Merck

…..Just relax, Keep your cool!

Why you think a n**** ride with the crew?

Coz You know I gotta play by the rules……..

….. Guaranteed we will not lose….

In conclusion, there’s a reason Charlotte isn’t called Atlanta, GA as some compare it to. Charlotte’s her own soul. She’s a Queen. She’s chilled and she’s relaxed.

As you conclude this short read, why don’t you just relax? I specifically don’t want to continue with a long absorbing post about my experience with this project because like I hinted, some artists’ work speaks for itself through its written and performed art.African brothers who put their mind and soul into their passion are rare, so I’m grateful and delighted to have a front row seat to the renaissance and emergence of Charlotte Hip Hop and more specifically, Blacklinen’s Artwork compiled in seven tracks.

I’m confident you’ll take a moment to experience the compilation with me. What did I do after listening to Relax? I did the following and you should follow suit:——Per Album continues Black Linen’s socially conscious themes in tracks such as the poignant “MAP,” which begins with an audio clip from the 1982 documentary All By Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story, in which the Catwoman speaks on whether conflicts can be solved without violence: “Naturally, as a woman and as a mother, I feel if you give love that you will receive love in return.” The clip morphs gently into Black Linen rhyming, in his trademark laid-back delivery, “She said that she don’t have time to waste / She got to go, she can’t be late / Her train waiting, she gots to make it / On the other side is a fat ride / And a big crib, with money to play with.”………..©️ SonofGuruve 2016-2020


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