Tribal Characteristics

▪ Top 14 Mhofu Characteristics:

1 Never stop learning until you die.

2 Define clearly in your mind what you think success looks like and spend a lot of your time pursuing that vision.

3 Stay positive even when the chips are down and when all looks lost.

4  Learn from your mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake in your life.

5 Especially at work do not get involved in gossip. If you have to say anything about someone in his/her absence make sure that it is something nice about that person. If you have negative views about someone, keep that to yourself.

6 Be on time ALWAYS.

7 Never send an e-mail in anger or in haste. Read it over and over and make sure it accurately captures the essence of what you want to say. Words disappear into thin air or memories fade. If an email is not deleted, it is permanent evidence against or for you.

8 Things are not always what they appear to be. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend although most will be. Similarly if someone does not talk to you often enough, it does not necessarily mean that they do not like you.

9 Keep reminding yourself about your good side and also aim to improve your areas of weakness.

10 Have an annual plan in life and identify the things that you want to achieve and link this to what I wrote in 2 above. It does not have to be many things, maybe 2 or 3 things, but they must be important milestones in your life.

11 Show RESPECT, but not fear to your peers and superiors.

12 Learn to LISTEN carefully to every thing people say. Sounds simple, but we do not always listen and sometimes miss key messages in the process.

13 Honor your promises.

14 The words “thank you” or “please” should be an integral part of your language.

15 It’s okay to feel underestimated. Just show up when it’s time to rumble in the jungle.

16 Pray everyday.

17 Help Others.

18 Tell the truth. It may be uncomfortable at first, but only then will you be free.

19 Don’t worship human beings. Worship ideas. They will never betray you.

20 Whatever your vices are, do them in moderation.

This 20 point bullet message is brought to you by the #TribeofGuruve.

©️ SonofGuruvé 2018

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