Mo Farah!

Mo Farah

Yo so I be the Mo Farah of these writing bits,

Shotout to my fatha @DanielManyika ! In the 70s!

Man Dem was in Norwich!

Sadza or called Porridge!

These Olympics, we be writing marathons, and we win every heat,

Running on the riddim,

Man we never get tired and we never sleep!

So liiiit!

They tried to test me, Said  I be dopin, That I’m foreign

BUT I’m more than that,

I’m a dope man, Yeah that all right!

Im a stallion, a medallion,

When Im last I be seeing.

Hmmm I’m always running, Always fighting,

For my mandem, including Charlie!

Man so many tracks, I be lighting the tracks

Rat tat tats tat tat Tats!

I got a very very big heart!


I be shooting and I be dancing with the Stars!

So much Love, so Many hearts!


Chorus x1

Farah, Farah Mo Fara 

Black man Runner!

Never behind n

Come of Darling, Im NOT foreign!

Shout out to LONDON!

My mandem Gal Dem!

Call me MO Farah,

Call me the Don Runna,

Black man Runner!

Never behind n

Yeah I’m a Fatha!

So yeah Come of then!


Verse two








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