A Vine Trimmed Back

A Vine trimmed back
I don’t want to
It isn’t right
This promise I made
This ground I laid

These vines we intertwined
Were growing so strong
Flowers had bloomed
And withered and fallen

Another small vine
Has wrapped us together
Tenderness holding
Each of us in harsh weather

Over many seasons
We had shared together
We had so many reasons
To keep growing together

Making room for another
You trimmed me far back
Exposing scars and the thorns
Which had caused them

Upon seeing the damage
The poison, the carnage
I shudder and whither
And fall limp to the ground

My vine is now
Disentangled from yours
But I’m still reaching, still grasping
To help our small vine emerge

I’m growing ever higher
Along rocks, brush and trees
Climbing into the branches
Amongst the birds in the breeze

I see you two winding
At times finding support
And another little vine
Beginning to sprout

Let our vines intertwine
Supporting each other
While each of us grows
Independently, strong and winding

Authored by St. Germain

© SonofGuruve 2014-2020

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