junior letter from America – Mental Health chronicles of 2020 (volume 3)


As if 2020 couldn’t have been more clearer about the frailties of the mind. Right?

Are you worried about the money in your pocket or the health of your mind? What if you have an ulcer in your head that makes you feel cloudy? A whisper at night that asks you who you really are!?

Please understand excess will not solve our worries or fears. The shame and guilt that you carry.

Why don’t we talk about the scourges of mental health in our communities more often, Huh?

We all know someone that is suffering a mental health crisis and crying for help. Right?

Unfortunately in Zimbabwe, York and the Carolinas many people self medicate —but there are many Doctors like Jerry Z that will call you to actually check on you. We still ain’t go the genius answers Ye. We ain’t got the answers in Greenwood too Sway, but we miss the neck bones that Gogo used to make at the Lake House.

It’s not a secret if you are a silent observer, just an ant like Nicoedemus Nicholas C aiburikira paTowerlight nekombi yeAshdown Park.

It’s only love that we have to GIVE at the Tribe of Guruve family, with covalent compounds stretching from here to Atlanta and to the rooms of Guruve Hotel close to kwaMupinyuri nekwaMhishi.

In fact even the hills of Muzarabani as young Holy Ten says in one of his songs—- and everyone else we gladly meet —-one interaction at a time.

Holy Ten – Kumba Kune Vanhu – YouTube

Here are some resources for us, for all, for you. They helped us during the Zimbabwe elections, during the ungovernable results —actually everyday. We all need them.

The Storm and the War is almost over Chilycakes.

Young person or young lady or man, why do you worry? Look at the Birds and the Bees. Nesta said it is WAR,

  1. (2) The Last Lion of the Liuwa Plain | Free Documentary Nature – YouTube

2. http://www.Bible.com

3. The Soar Firm, LLC

4. Why We Need To Learn Our History | Algy T Mudadada (afrorep.com)

5. Book of John – Read, Study Bible Verses Online (biblestudytools.com)

Have a great week. Wear a Mask and Stay At Home.

There’s still a virus everywhere, so guard yourself and your mind rudeboi. Peace and Love. F the haters. WeMOVE. Southern Africa Is Here!

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