Bob Marley‘s Cabinet

Robert Mugabe (56 yrs) – Prime Minister
Simon Muzenda (58 yrs) – Deputy Prime Minister
Joshua Nkomo (63 yrs)– Home Affairs
Enos Nkala (48 yrs) – Finance
Joice Mujuru (22 yrs)– Youth, Sport and Recreation
Simbi Mubako (44 yrs) – Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Nathan Shamuyarira (52 yrs) – Information and Tourism
Eddison Zvobgo (45 yrs) – Local Government and Housing
Benard Chidzero (53 yrs) – Economic Planning and Development
Denis Norman (49 yrs) – Agriculture
George Silundika (51 yrs) – Roads and Road Traffic, Posts and Telecommunicati
Herbert Ushewokunze (47 yrs) – Health
Edgar Tekere (43 yrs) – Manpower Planning and Development
Maurice Nyagumbo (56 yrs) – Mines
Dzingai Mutumbuka (35 yrs) – Education and Culture
Emmerson Mnangagwa (34 yrs) – State in the Prime Minister’s Office
Kumbirai Kangai (42 yrs) – Labour and Social Welfare
Joseph Msika (57 yrs) – Natural Resources and Water Development
Clement Muchachi (55 yrs) – Public Works
Sydney Sekeramayi (36 yrs) – Lands, Resettlement, and Rural Development
Ernest Kadungure (38 yrs) – Transport and Power
Richard Hove (45 yrs) – Public Service
Here are “somethings to PONDER on !!??
The UNITED NATIONS “Food & Agricultural” 1975 YEAR BOOK stated the following FACTS
1.) RHODESIA was RANKED 2nd. the WORLD in terms of YIELDS / hectare for a.) Maize Production !
b.) Soya Beans
c.) Winter Wheat
d.) Ground Nuts
AND 3rd. in WORLD for cotton production !!
In a “COMBINED RANKING” for ALL of these FOOD CROPS …. RHODESIA was ranked # 1 (Number ONE !) in the WORLD !!
Then comes …. VIRGINIA TOBACCO ….. RHODESIA was RANKED # 1 in the WORLD in her QUALITY & in her YIELDS / ha.
Although in QUANTITY of V. Tobacco Rhodesia came in 2nd !!
Rhodesia “held” the WORLD RECORD for 2.) Maize yields / ha.
3.) Mazoe Citrus Estate was the SINGLE largest ORANGE producer !
4.) Chisumbanje Cotton Estate held the WORLD RECORD for “Raw Cotton” = 4000 kgs / hectare …. NOTABLY B’coz there was NO CROP RESPONSE to ANY ADDED chemical fertilizer !!
Rhodesia’s MAJOR source of FOREIGN CURRENCY “EARNINGS” was from AGRICULTURE …. WAY AHEAD of mineral exports !! (i.e. Diamonds / Gold / Platinum / Nickel / Lithium / Emeralds etc.
41 years LATER …. ZIMBABWE is “rated” among the POOREST Countries on this PLANET !

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