Listening to the word on the The Stereo, Serenity, Peace and Sanity are the words that came to mind.

On the day of the resurrection, Witness.

Many generations after Mose Chunga and Moses will tell you about what they know and witnessed with their very own eyes, yet blind. Faith I guess.

We have Our very own Mo Salah!

Senders of this message were right next to you during opening and closing prayers at the Clubhouse and the Mosque.

Be reminded of Sin? Be reminded of Forgiveness too.

But when the truth came from us? Did they disbelieve?

There were two works of magic, a black and white one so color outside the lines Mwana WaMamabo like Jah Prayzah said two weeks ago below:

Bring a scripture. They only followed their desires to play close to the fire when the burning bush exclaimed, “Stop it George!”.

God doesn’t guide those who shut their eyes.

See to see, see what you can believe with unshakeable faith for your mental and physical health. Drink Water, Eat your Greens and Breathe and let that sizzle in your spirit –with Vitamins, black seed oil, Zimbabwean minerals nemushonga uye yaiwaitaura iye. Money doesn’t cleanse the truth and neither does it hide it. Someone knows dude. Duplicitous life never helped a real man sleep.

We must submit ourselves. We must Overcome evil, evil speech, evil deeds in secret speeches in secret Shiny City Clubs and City rooms.

In Air Jordan’s City, #23 can only hope for the best as he is also know as Adza.

Indeed Mo, Allah guides who he wills.

And they say we would be swept from the land.

Children of God, if you plant yourselves next to Sod and Gom, for you will become that as well.

Heal. Share truth, seek real Justice from real lawyers and not the fake ones taking advantage if depressed immigrants —- and we must all repent before certain punishment overtakes is all.

Where are those you led to the errors of your ways? Isn’t that your daughter? Is that your wife? Is that your aborted son? Do you know all we asked for was 120 dollars for African scholars but alcohol on weekends gets 1200 dollars and you’re still not bothered mate.

We declare our disassociation with their falsehoods.

If only they had followed the guidance right there in the Revelations. Freaking duck. You quack like one and you certainly are one.

We must All Repent, carry our staff and walk like the Samaritans, the worshippers and evening Walker Texas Rangers of the Sigmas of Charlotte, but some of them remain Corruptors of HIS WORD.

The many worlds apart described in the Third World written works, stars, visions of PrinceofGuruve per the Revelations of Vision2020.

Make 2021 be your year of sobriety, the year you think before you speak, the year you save some money, the year you heal and forgive yourself. Christmas 2020 didn’t happen for millions and you’re still here to read this.

Seek healing, seek truth and reconciliation with your collective Sins of your Past.

Cleanse, like Baby Yoda’s Salvation Army on the Stereo.

Buy a Home, Stay at Home and Keep Peace my fellow Lions and Panthers in the Chronicles of AD, a book still to be published hopefully transcribed and completed in 2021. But, oh well, Mwari ndivovega vanoziva.

It’s only God who knows it all, so ask him and not me. Peace.

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