Due Dilligence

CR Address 28/12/2020 – summary by Tess Patuel ◦ Over 1M cases in SA ◦ New infections climbing at an alarming rate, over 50,000 since Christmas ◦ Over 26,000 deaths ◦ New variant well established in SA, 501.v2, spread & effect being studied. Appears to be more contagious. ◦ Super spreader events are main cause of rise in numbers. Social year end events & family gathering ◦ We have let our guard down & not following the basic guidelines for prevention ◦ Social gatherings substantially increase the chance for infections, venues often not well ventilated, masks not worn inside, sanitizing not happening at gatherings, alcohol consumption leads people to let down their guard. ◦ excessive alcohol consumption leading to extra unnecessary strain on health facilities ◦ Healthcare struggling to cope with the hospitalizations due to alcohol related incidents & second wave ◦ Frontline health care workers are being infected in higher numbers, they are exhausted & struggling to cope with the increased demand ◦ Need to act now & need to act decisively to prevent further spread ◦ Adjusted level 3 with immediate effect from midnight tonight ◦ Every effort to keep economy open ◦ Want to minimize risk of super spreader events ◦ Want to decrease unsafe interactions ◦ Want to increase the enforcement of prevention measures: mask wearing; sanitizing; hand washing; social distancing; testing; symptom checking ◦ Want to decrease the burden on healthcare facilities so they can concentrate on covid19 patients ◦ Adjusted level 3 regulations: ◦ All indoor & outdoor gatherings with some exceptions not allowed from midnight tonight for 14 days & reviewed after this period ◦ Funerals not more than 50 people ◦ Business to determine maximum number of people on premises based on social distancing guidelines ◦ Curfew from 9pm to 6am ◦ Bars & restaurants to close at 8pm ◦ Non essential establishments must close at 8pm - list to be released ◦ Cloth masks to be worn at all times in public, you are legally responsible for wearing a mask, it is an offense not to wear a mask and one may be arrested - fine & or imprisonment will be enforced ◦ Aged & those with co-morbidities are a great concern ◦ Alcohol related irresponsible behavior has lead to greater transmission & other incidents putting a burden on healthcare system - sale of alcohol is prohibited by retail outlets as is on-site consumption. Distribution & transportation prohibited - this will be reviewed in the next few weeks ◦ Keep economy open, businesses can continue to operate with strict protocols ◦ Hotspots will be subject to additional restrictions ◦ Minimize travel to essential travel ◦ SA is part of COVAX Facility, it has been signed off & solidarity fund has made 1st payment ◦ Part of first group of countries to receive vaccines, expected in 2nd quarter of 2021 ◦ Trying to procure additional vaccines, private initiatives ◦ First vaccines for the most vulnerable in our community ◦ We must comply with regulations to avoid infection & we must take responsibility for our own health & the health of others. ◦ If you experience any mild symptoms please isolate yourself, if symptoms get worse seek immediate medical attention ◦ If you have been exposed please quarantine immediately

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