1,000,000 Sons

I love you but I am or am I?
Am I an injured patient?
If I’m too much or too angry,
Know at least— that I love you,
It’s just my impatience,
The frustrations of humanity’s inequity and inability to straighten confidence, Too much disobedience.
I wanna love you and treat you right,
My neck turns when my government misinforms the conscious & chosen citizens.
But flame! Shaa!
know that the war is almost over, It’s the Exodus!
We are healing our diaspora scars,
A lost generation with or without a cause,
Past and present, Malaise, insomnia, stress and tyranny, Worshipping false gods, We feel the losses, The shame that no one can see the silent Wins.
Ashamed to look into the Black Mirror, Crabs 🦀 at the bottom of the barrel, Fighting for survival, Live on Netflix,
Now 69 laid bare and,
it’s difficult to be naked in front his girl and, his Mom and,
An Empress just protecting her first cub, So we follow mothers plan, These are just words from the wind, Winds of change that hum silently for the forgotten souls of slavery, Of experiments, indoctrination, and hey, I got vaccinated for cholera & bipolar. Did you?

But my brother Jerry Z, from 1 blue, We had problems in 99 but hey, she wasn’t the one for you. Jigga one of our doctors silently in his prime. Getting into his stride, So Let’s just pray for one another,
While the carriage is heavy,
It will undoubtedly reach its intended destination,
This is just the horizon, the grand rising of a 1,000,000 suns, Buried an arrogant prince,
Alive as a cognizant self-made pauper, What worth is money if your soul and your heart are unbalanced? A son of a King?
A King named Daniel and his pals Misheck and Abednigo. Throw the first stone, Only if you’ve known what it is to be on your own, And what it is to be in the Lion’s Den. We Win so May the problematic vipers disappear silently.

For the love of money is the root of all evil.



No actually, to be Continued……

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