Afternoon Thoughts 2/23/21

Hi Reader,

We just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We also want to thank Jehovah, and you know why.

Today a huge weight was lifted off HIS shoulder, in Jesus’ name.

A message was heard loud and clear. What was it? Here it goes.

The constant question we should ask is how we the People will ever obtain wealth if we don’t have our MENTAL HEALTH?

Surviving Covid was traumatic enough for us to learn this.

We thank all the medical professionals, friends, family and colleagues who have genuinely reached out to us. There’s no bitcoin, hard cash or currency that can purchase loyalty or compassion.

For the privacy you provided we also thank you and we heed the *HIPPA references we’re often reminded about in the America world of compliance.

The “pain of privilege” is that help was accessible for us, but we worry with those that don’t have access to the same services. We ponder and often think of the children, the homeless, the seniors, homeless veterans, the sick, the marginalized and the plain “invisibles” (homeless people people we ignore everyday), for THEY need voices too.

In Jordan’s city we have TENT CITY and any society will teach it’s true colors through the way it’s lowest of low citizen is treated. The Tent City makes us sad but like Ye said, “we ain’t got the answers Sway”.

Our recent experiences further cement the undeniable fact that mental health is the most important one of ‘em all. This Covid-19 was not just a virus of the world but a virus on the conscious of humanity. For those who have left us should not be forgotten.

We ask that you continue to #WEARAMASK please and #Check on your FAMILY & FRIENDS. This virus is as much an attack on your body as it is on your mental health so STAY STRONG —-please.

Please seek help if you can get it. We’ve all lost our minds at least once since Covid began so don’t fret about dealing with the mental side of this virus. It has broken us all, but not you. You can see everything now from a new perspective. You are lucky. Others weren’t.

Please help others, if you can.

We can tell you more, but now it’s time for we the people to continue healing the right way. Mentally first. Good Afternoon!

#GodisGood #GoodNews #Lucky #Survivor #Amen

Written by Adza a piece for http://www.SonofGuruvé.com. Peace.

SonofGuruve ©️2021

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