Guruve is one of several districts in the Mashonaland Central province of Zimbabwe. The district capital is the town of Guruve.  Famous locally for its pink Moroccan-style hotel, it is close to Tengenenge, an established sculpture community.

We are not sculpture artists, but we chisel:

  • short stories,
  • anecdotes,
  • blogposts,
  • creative poetry,
  • badman rap songs,
  • AfroBeat singalongs,
  • Good vibe rhymes,
  • bare reviews for the man dem and gyal dem,
  • booming articles
  • creative projects
  • facilitating featuures
  • pensive reflections from our journals thus far.

We are fresh, contemporary creatives who are articulating the New Age Africa.

The founder is SonofGuruvé, the inspiration Sekuru Sarikosi and it began with Madzibaba Stembeya.

We are an extension of Gota village, Guruve, Zimbabwe, Africa, and THE WORLD!


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