Matchsticks for Passion

When an old fraternity fellow or advisor warns you,

Don’t play with matchsticks if you don’t want no smoke.

What does it mean – really? We weren’t sure, but we know it inferred a worrying and uncomfortable sensation when delivered in front of our tribe and for the world to see in living color. Nonetheless, we were initially unfamiliar with the term, but well aware that matchsticks are used to create fire for warmth or a magnificent fury – if not controlled. Sometimes, the flames inside of you will lead you to self destruct and if not, and quite the opposite, the flames will fire your passions positively. We politely declared to our brother that we will continue to play with matchsticks to fire our passion to help others through the written word. Sometimes, we all need a giant slap on the face or wrist for this flame to be diverted in a different direction. If you feed negative emotions, you too will become negative and sadly – disintegrate into charred remains and gray ashes. The slap in the face can represent many different things, but when you step into faith and stop fighting fate, every experience should be considered a blessing. Overall, it was an indicator that signaled us into a new trajectory.

The lesson we were taught was if you feel unwanted, seek and drink from a different fountain and which introduces a podcast segment concept called #FreshofftheBoat. In Zimbabwe, Africa 🇿🇼 we use the term to describe a new person in a territory they are unfamiliar with. At least that’s what it was in the 90s. More recently and sadly for our tribe #Freshofftheboat also reminds us of horrific, nomadic migrant experiences to foreign countries across deadly waters and more specifically, North Africa to Europe – where millions drown trekking and risking it all to find a better life.

Sometimes, no matter how you try to be understood, you will never be accepted for who you truly are. You will drown in the tyranny, aggression and misconceptions of whatever you’re trying to accomplish, hence why it is important to hold on to your spirituality and faith.

Anyway, for our #FreshofftheBoat experience we channeled our oozing energy through a local adventure company and run by an artistic trio.

As Africans, we generally try to stay rooted in familiarity for safety and comfort. The adventure company was quite the opposite and allowed us to be uncomfortable and if you’ll read Nobleman’s LB, you’ll understand where being too comfortable leads you. They made us feel welcome, gifted us with fruit, energetic snacks and a fresh experience hidden in our distant memory.


It was close to ten years since hiking the pulsating trails, greenery and mountains of Black Mountain, North Carolina through the Christian folks at Camp Rockmont in our progressive and developmental years.Camp Rockmont was our first exposure to leadership and the wilderness in the United Sates. Special shoutout to Miss Louise for facilitating this unique #freshofftheboat experience. The drive was long and exhausting, but more importantly an adventure for the tribe to breed new relationships and mentor young boys. This is why we envisage and encourage volunteering to reach pieces of blank paper. Mentoring the young allows you to play a role in building their character (blank pieces of paper) – and as Doctor Tashie reminded us many years ago in Black Mountain, NC. So if anything, we were taken back to the #Rockmont experience and if you know,  you know. Shoutout to Pusha T’s DAYTONA.The overall message is:

1. Seek new experiences because you will definitely free re-energized, refurbished and sparked like those matches we spoke about above.

2. Nature is God’s signature and the #TribeofGuruve now understands that #FreshoffTheBoat experiences are intimately important for our enrichment.

3. So enjoy the sunshine and the wind that resonates with peace.

©️ SonofGuruvé2018


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