The Gas Station Podgas w/ Scarzz

I once wrote a monologue some years back. It was called Black Panther. It morphed into an intimate connection with new friends that ultimately became a podcast called the The African Booty Scratchers. Amazing idea at first. Executed and prepared well, but unfortunately ended prematurely.

I had to leave. I had to walk away.

I met a pal who I believed was a great fit to share my story but unfortunately it didn’t work out for many personal and business reasons.

I had to heal from it all to be honest and learned how to protect my voice.

Life happens, right?

Perhaps I wasn’t ready to interact on the medium I had created, the idea I birthed.

I was unready to fulfil the promises.

Nontheless, I became mute and wandered into a maze of confusion, disgust with self and I was ravaged by the deep personal loss.

The African Booty Scratchers couldn’t become what we envisioned but hey, life evolves and so must we.

We have a new podcast called The Gas Station Podgas.

Enjoy 😊.

I am grateful forever. Regards,


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